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Quianna Camper is a certified personal trainer and long-time fitness enthusiast. Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, Quianna’s journey with fitness began long before she became a social media influencer.
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I have trained with Qui since the beginning. I worked hard and lost weight ,but then I fell off the wagon,and gained the weight back. I emailed and she welcomed me back with open arms. She pushed me harder each sessions to where I can do 100 burpees,pushups, and situps. She never let me say I can’t do something.She would always reply” How bad do you want it? ..You are given workouts for your off time,and just when you want to give up..”You hear a voice in your head saying.How bad do you want it so you go harder as to not disappoint her. I once told her I couldn’t lift the the 50lb bar, and she replied you will today, and I did..

I didn’t get to the best part. She prays for you & with you. She helps you to mind ,body, and soul. The ladies that train with Qui are a family. I’m glad God chose her to  be a continuous force in my life..#bodiesbyqui
Nakia J.

Qui Training is motivation at its highest level. My perspective of a healthy Life style as changed beyond physical but also mental. She doesn’t Sell YoU Dreams but if you follow Qui strategy you will be transformed . I am Living testimony that A Genuine Trainer as Qui you can only get results of A LifeTime of excellence. My mind, body and my soul is in the right place so I have been forever Changed.

Picture this 6 years ago… 6’5 350lbs, looking down at this little powerhouse woman second guessing myself to ask her for help. This big giant nervous and slightly intimidated because I didn’t know what to say or expect.
“Hi I’m Alex, I love your drive and commitment.” “Awe thank you Alex, I’m Qui give me hug.”

From that point on Qui has helped me drop more than 50lbs. Not just through working out and eating right, but it was the spiritual connection her uplifting words of encouragement and let me not forget the yelling during the workout to keep my silly self in check.

Even when I slip on exercising and eating right, Qui is right there with a handout to pull me up no judgments.

Qui has become more than a trainer/friend… I am proud to call her my Sister.
Thank you Qui for seeing the light inside of me when I was in the dark.
(ALLLLLEEEEEEXX) *make sure you scream that park
Alexander Brunson